Monday, June 21, 2010

That's a whole lot of time to pack sheets!

Are you getting ready for your Jersey Shore vacation but not looking forward to all the advance planning required for packing up sheets for your stay?

If you think about it, there is a lot involved in the process. Below is a breakdown of steps involved with time estimates:
  • Take sheets off beds at home - 10 minutes
  • Purchase sheets for trip (if all sheet sizes are not available at home) -30 minutes
  • Prewash, dry and pack sheets for your trip - 60 minutes
  • Unpack and make beds at vacation property - 30 minutes
  • Return home to wash and dry sheets - 60 minutes
  • Unpack, remake beds or fold and store - 20 minutes

Have you considered a vacation linen service that will do all this for you? Relax Concierge is here to help! We enhance vacations by providing the finest personal service and resort style amenities.

Sleep in the softness of our luxurious 100% white Egyptian cotton sheets like those found in world class hotels. Our fine linens are crafted from ling staple Giza cotton grown in the lush Nile River Valley.

You may even like our sheets more than your own.

Visit to reserve today.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Relax Concierge - Introduction of Services


Relax Concierge is a vacation concierge service providing rental homeowners and vacationers with customized amenities typically only available at hotels and resorts.

Description of Services

  • 100% Egyptian cotton linen, towel and bathrobe rentals
  • Bath amenities
  • Entertainment rentals (Wii)
  • Grocery delivery
  • Event planning assistance

  • Custom welcome gifts 

  • Local, onsite personal assistance for vacationers and homeowners

  • Recommendations and referrals for local businesses (e.g. baby equipment rentals, restaurants, etc.)

Visit for all our rental products and services.


Vacationers save time planning and managing their vacation. Vacationers no longer need to pack linens and towels only to return home with loads of laundry. Groceries and toiletries can be delivered too saving lots of space in the car or trips to the grocery store while on vacation.

Rental homeowners can enhance their renting listing potential by differentiating their property from others. More bookings and recommendations when renters tell friends and family! Homeowners can also call us to handle guest requests, check in on a property when they are not available and enjoy our services when staying at their vacation home.

How It Works

Vacationers and rental homeowners arrange for services by contacting us by phone or booking on our website. Items are ordered on a weekly basis (Saturday-Saturday) online or for the season by contacting us directly.

On day of check in, items are delivered directly to vacation homes or to the real estate offices in advance for rental check in. Depending on the type of item delivered to vacations homes, item will be left in an appropriate location or a drop off time will be scheduled with the vacationer.

At the end of stay, items are either picked up at the vacation homes or vacationers drop off at real estate offices when keys are returned.

Here’s to a great summer!