Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! 

We are so thankful to have such wonderful customers and a wonderful team. Wishing you a wonderful and relaxing holiday! 

Friday, November 22, 2013

Hotel Stay With The Kiddo

We've been in Philly all week and stayed in a suite with my mom and my one year old kiddo.  There was definitely a lot to pack for our stay.  Relax was very helpful in providing some items for the stay.

Here are a few things we brought:

Relax Booster Seat - This worked out good for meals in the room.  It didnt take up much space and was a good chair for the kiddo to sit in while playing every so often.

Relax Stroller - The BOB was once again one of our favorite things for our stay. It was so easy to stroll down the streets and navigate through Center City.  We made sure to bring a lock when visiting restaurants.

Relax Pack and Play - The hotel said they offered cribs but now-a-days a "hotel crib" is really just a pack and play. They made it nice with a sheet and 2 cuddle blankets but we brought our own pack and play since it wasnt too hard to pack.

Relax Bath Tub - The hotel had a tub with their shower but I find tubs a little weird in hotels. Our tub was just fine.  We even brought a few fun bath toys in addition to the soap and shampoo.

Bin of Toys - Both my mom and I brought a bin of fun toys and books for the kiddo to play with.  He especially loved playing with the mega blocks, cars, some quiet musical instruments, stickers and elmo. The bin also has a few of his DVDs for the laptop.

Comfy Blanket For The Floor - This was nice for the kiddo to play on instead of the hotel carpet.

Safety Plugs and Cabinet Latches - The room had a lot of outlets and the kid loves to play with them at home but we came prepared.  We brought lots of duct tape too for those cabinets that arent easy to child proof.

Food options - It was nice to have a kitchen since we didnt plan to go out to eat often.  We planned for lots of snacks, fruit, veges, juice and milk.  The hotel was so nice to include a full breakfast and dinner every day to make meals somewhat easier.

Once upon a time  I was the business traveler only checking in with my laptop bag and small travel bag.   For this trip we needed the luggage cart !

Please Touch

One of the exhibits had lots of cool adirondack chairs
We had a great time today visiting the Please Touch Museum in Philly. I don't know who loved it the most: my one year old, my mom or I. The kiddo is at a great age for playing with a lot of things. He loved the slide, tunnel and camping setup in the first exhibit, taking a ride on carousel, playing with the tea set in the Alice in wonderland exhibit and also packing a shopping cart at the shop rite store. Who knew he loves grocery shopping. Maybe well enlist him for relax orders:)  
The kiddo having fun with the grocery store

Vacationer tip. It's not necessarily something you'd visit If going to the shore. But if you are including Philly and the shore in your stay - your young kids would love it. The museum is located kinda close to the zoo so it's best to travel by car.  We went on a weekday after school so it was not crowded at all.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Trip Down Memory Lane

I am staying in Philly this week and spending a lot of time in University City. While walking the UPENN campus, I thought back on the days before Relax.  I spent 3 years working on the campus in the IT group leading campus wide systems projects for students and faculty.   I had the opportunity to take a series of courses at Wharton for Entrepreneurship  and also in their Small Business Development Center (SBDC).    I can remember back to forming the concept and presenting different parts of my business plan to the class throughout the semester.  So many things have changed since then but so many have just as I envisioned it back then.   I look forward to meeting with the SBDC again soon to provide them with an update and start planning our next steps together.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cyber Monday Deals

While it may be a little early to fully get into the Christmas shopping spirit, we love a good deal when we can get one. Our rental items and services are great gifts for your loved ones! A Relax gift certificate will definitely make your loved
one excited for your upcoming vacation and relaxed to know we are there to make it more enjoyable! For any gift certificate or reservations for next season over $50, we'd be happy to include one free L'Occitane toiletry set (a $10 value). hen booking online, please use coupon code CYBERTOILETRIES . Offer is only good for one toiletry set per purchase. Offer is valid on Cyber Monday, December 1st 2013. Visit today. A peppermint mocha is next on my list to kick off the holiday fun!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

I Don't Know How She Does It

I had a little time this week to watch a movie! Hip hip hooray for me. I can't say I saw a whole movie but I'll take what I can get. I watched "I Don't Know How She Does It" with Sara Jessica Parker and Pierce Brosnin.

I could relate to SJP's character more in this movie than SITC:) I can't say I work full time with 2 kids. I have 1 kid and work like crazy in the summer.  

I had a few relax thoughts while watching it. She had the same pack and play that we rent. Good choice!  Also - I thought she could have totally used Relax for baby equipment  when they went on vacation. Their car was packed with baby stuff. 

While this movie may not be "real", the reality is that many women really do so much in their work and family life. We are here to make it easier so they can spend more time enjoying moments with their families. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Possibilities Are Endless

While we may always have summer on our minds, we are excited that the cold weather will soon bring the Super Bowl.

 We 've been in contact with destination management and event planning companies to start coordinating events and home rentals. Yesterday we heard from a Yacht Rental company. How fun would it be to stay on a yacht for the week of the Super Bowl!

 Relax Concierge is Ready For Your Next Event!
 Let Relax Concierge enhance your next sporting event or home rental with our premium rental items and services. We deliver to event locations and rental properties in NJ.
 Our offerings include:
Outdoor - Beach Chairs, Tailgating Games, Coolers, Carts ...
 Home - Margarita Machines, Blenders, Video Game Consoles, Folding Chairs, Tables ...
Bed - Egyptian Cotton Linens, Pillows, Blankets ...
Bath - Bath Towels, Robes, Toiletries ...
Baby - Cribs, Strollers, High Chairs, Pack and Plays ...
Services - Concierge, Personal Shopping ... (Additional rental items, services and products for purchase available.)

 Got plans for the Big Game? We are an approved vendor of Super Bowl XLVIII. Planning a party? Our outdoor items are perfect for your next outdoor or indoor tailgate. Renting out a field for a private sporting event? Our towels know lockers rooms at stadiums including Met Life Stadium. Renting a home instead of staying at a hotel? Our bed and bath items make your stay similar to visiting a fine resort.

 For more information or for event pricing, please visit or call 609-601-5077.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

First Snowflakes of the Season

There is nothing like seeing the first snowflakes of the winter season.  Whether it be in the city, in the suburbs or at the beach, the first flurries are definitely a beautiful sight...  A beautiful sight yes but they are definitely a precursor to what is to come.  Brr.

We saw the first snowflakes at the beach in Manasquan this morning.  We went on our morning walk at 6ish and felt a little warm in my fleece and hat.  By the time I got to Seawatch the wind was blowing and the temperatures dropped.  By the time I got home it was snowing.

Instead of making hot chocolate, I went right to work on plans for Relax next Summer.   We are looking at new and exciting ways to get the word out about Relax!  If you have any suggestions, let us know.   Nothing beats the cold than thoughts next Summer.   I'll definitely be getting that hot chocolate later today.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Towels, Towels and More Towels

Today was a great day for our towels.  We received a large order from a repeat client for a special event held at various locations in NJ.  I was excited to do the drop off and pick up at one of the locations.  I had the pleasure of meeting some of the folks coordinating the event.  Everyone was so nice and it was so early in the morning.

We'd love to work with you for your next event. We have a wide range of rental items including towels, linens, beach gear, etc.  The event options are endless.... Maybe you are having an indoor or outdoor tailgate for the super bowl and need beach chairs and games.  We have them!  Maybe you are having a pool party  and would like to provide beach towels.  We have them.    Contact us today for event pricing. 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Small Business Saturday Is Just Around The Corner

Relax Concierge is a proud supporter of American Express' Small Business Saturday.  Come visit your favorite NJ Shore Town on November 30th to support your favorite small business.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Quiet Festival - Right up our alley

Of the many events at the shore this weekend, the Ocean City  Quiet Festival is at the top of our list.  The goal of the festival is to reduce the hectic pace of modern life, the noise, confusion, speed and to foster a greater appreciation for natural things.   Ocean City is the only location to actually have an event like this. 

We are all for the Quiet Festival since many of our rental items  promote quiet.  Resting your head on one of our pillows, our baby cribs, watching the Tranquil Turtles, cuddling up under one of our comfy blankets, reading one of our books "Goodnight Beach or "Goodnight Ocean"... the list goes on.  

Opening Ceremonies are on Friday, Nov. 8 with a Yawn Along Ensemble (yawn to the tune of Beautiful Dreamer) and also an open poetry reading.  On Saturday there will be a Quiet Pet Contest, a performance by quiet magician, free cartoons for kids of their favorite animal, a harpist and get this... the Snore at the Shore, the world's only quiet snoring contest.  On Sunday, everyone is to create their own quiet!  Too cute.... For Information on the Quiet Festival, call (609) 525-9300, after hours and on weekends (609) 364-4010 or          

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

NJ Tourism Recommends Concierge Services For Super Bowl

We thought this was a great article discussing preparations for the upcoming Super Bowl at Met Life Stadium on February 2nd.    Visit NJ recommends many great things to do for the Big Game.  They also recommended using concierge services to help with your stay!

Relax Concierge is ready to make your Super Bowl stay more relaxing and enjoyable.  We are an approved vendor for the Super Bowl XLVIII.  We are working with many vacation homes all over NJ to provide our premium rental items to guests.   We can't wait!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Full circle

Way back in my consultant days I worked  on system implementations for the government.  I found the materials management and procurement process to be very interesting.   I still remember many of the acronyms!

I am thrilled to report that Relax is now a vendor that will be listed in one of these government systems. We look forward to submitting for government contracts in the future under the linen supply NAICS category:)

It's amazing how things go full circle.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Ocean City

We had a great day at our Ocean City location. It's crazy to see a lot our inventory in the store and not currently  out on vacation.  I have to admit I love it when everything is out with our guests.
There's more room to move too:) 

 We were excited  to put together a large order for a client next week. This order is for about as many towels a person would use in a year!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

We love November at the shore

November marks a new season for many of us at the jersey shore. It definitely isn't swimsuit season. It's the "dogs allowed on beach" season. It's nice to see more people out walking on the beach now that their best friend can join them.  

We were fortunate to enjoy the first day on the beach with both our pup and kiddo. Thanks to our bob stroller too for trekking through the sand! 

Vacationer tip: dogs are usually only allowed on the beach during winter months. However, many towns have dog beaches or have hours were dogs are permitted. The dog beach north of Oc is great and stone harbor also has evening  hours where dogs are allowed.