Monday, January 3, 2011

Congress Hall

My husband and I have been celebrating our anniversary in Cape May for the past 5 years.  Each year, we make a reservation at  one of the towns finest restaurants.

We typically drive from Ocean City in time to catch the sunset, grab a drink and walk around before heading to dinner.  We always end the night at the Boiler Room at Congress Hall.  This is by far one of my favorite spots in Cape May.

I've loved Congress Hall ever since my dad used to take me on a bike ride through the main level.  Yes...  Congress Hall had not been renovated yet.  Back in the 80's,  Congress Hall  didnt have air conditioning and definitely didnt look like it does now.  Now its beautifully decorated and the place to be for dining, drinks and live music.

During a recent anniversary visit,  they were filming this commercial for the Boiler Room.  It's nice to look back at this every so often to remember our special day.
(I'm wearing yellow)

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