Thursday, March 31, 2011

Grill Rentals

From time to time we get asked about whether we rent grills.  Our vacationers come to the beach to enjoy some fun in the sun and also to enjoy time with their families. A grill will more thank likely be listed in the amenities section of your rental contract, but in most cases, they are not available for renters.

Whether it be grilling burgers, steaks or hotdogs, we know how grilling is a part of a Jersey Shore vacation so we gave it some thought... We've researched rental providers in the area, considered insurance costs to carry and checked out costs to purchase.

All things considered, we actually recommend buying a grill for your week at the shore instead of renting one.  Costs are approximately the same to rent as they would be to buy.   Contact us for suggestions on where to purchase. Most local hardware stores, like Wallace Hardware in Ocean City, carry grills.   Alternatively,  you can purchase a basic model from Amazon.Click here.

If you know of a grill rental provider with great rates, please let us know!

Just remember to check your lease to make sure grills are allowed at your rental.

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