Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ladies Weekend At The Beach

Ladies having a good time together.
We dont exactly know these women but
we love that they are all smiling!
We thought today's post should be about Ladies Weekends following two recent orders.  

One weekend was a late September stay in Avalon with a bunch of fun ladies looking to hang out and relax with ol' friends.    It was the perfect time of year for shopping, exploring restaurants, etc.  These women were siked they didn't have to pack linens and towels from home and then deal with all the laundry.

Our most recent weekend was planned by a HUSBAND.  This awesome guy planned for all his wife's friends to fly in and surprise her at work.  It wasn't her birthday or any major milestone.  It was just a celebration of his wife.

Following the surprise - the women were all whisked away to the Jersey Shore for a weekend at a beautiful beachfront.  While visiting, the ladies were sent from the shore to NYC to see the sights!  Why not - the beach is only 1-2 hours from the best city ever.    He even planned for us to provide their linens and towels so that they didn't have to deal with all the laundry!

It is very cool to hear all these stories cause you realize more and more that time with friends and family so important.    We are happy to be a small contributor to these good times.

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