Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ocean City NJ Garbage Pickup

In case you are wondering when trash and recycling collection is provided in Ocean City, below is the schedule:

Summer (3rd Monday in June -Saturday following the 1st Monday in September)

Longport Bridge to north end of 9th Street Monday and Thursday (yard waste Thursday)
South side of 9th Street to north side of 28th Street, Tuesday and Friday (yard waste Tuesday)
South side of 28th Street to 59th Street, Wednesday and Saturday (yard waste Wednesday)

The winter trash and recycling collection schedule is:
Monday is south side of 34th to 59th Streets
Tuesday is south side of 17th to north side of 34th Streets
Wednesday is south side of 9th to north side of 17th Streets
Thursday is south side of 3rd to north side of 9th Streets
Friday is Longport Bridge to north side of 3rd Streets

It is a law to recycle in Ocean City (actually in all of NJ). Access the below link to find out more:

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