Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Last Thing You Want To Do After Arriving At Your Beach Rental

Your summer vacation is just around the corner. You are looking forward to a fun filled week at the Jersey Shore. You pack up suitcases for most members of your family (as well as yourself). You pack the family and suitcases in the car and embark on likely traffic filled drive to the shore. After arriving you stop by the realty company to pick up keys at 2pm and head over to your "home away from home" for the next week. Within minutes, you are now unpacking the car and making up the beds. After settling in, it's now around 4pm. Still time for the beach... Well yes, but now your family is hungry for a late afternoon snack and there is nothing to feed them.

Guess that means someone has to go grocery shopping.

In most shore towns, there are only one or two grocery stores that are mobbed with vacationers on a Saturday late afternoon. After figuring out which one is closest, you arrive and battle for a parking spot. You get a cart and try to make your way down each aisle not exactly knowing where everything is located. All said and done, this takes about 1-2 hours out of your vacation and keeping you away from your family and the beach.

Relax.... Relax Concierge is here to help with grocery shopping for your vacation. Provide us a list and we'll pick up the groceries for you and deliver them within hours of checking in.

How it works:
1. Access and purchase the Grocery Shopping service. (Please reserve 3 days before your arrival.) Alternatively, call us at 609-601-5077 and we'll complete the order.
2. Email us your grocery list. When providing the list, provide some general suggestions( like look for organic if possible). It may help checking out since they have detailed item descriptions. (We do not use peapod or any delivery service since they typically do not service the shore towns).
3. Let us know when you are arriving and provide credit card information for cost of order if not provided over the phone
4. Relax Concierge will deliver the order when an adult is present.
5. Receipt will be provided and credit card will be charged.

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