Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fun Stop On Way Back From Pickup

We love it when we get to mix business with pleasure. Today we had a pickup scheduled in Brigantine.  After doing this, we figured it would be cool to visit Gardners Basin. I've never been before but have seen the artist shacks featured in magazines.  We also got a good tip on a restaurant from our employee Darla. 

It's a little tricky to get to since its kinda by the Revel. Upon our arrival, there was a lot of free parking. We were tempted to stop at the aquarium to visit the sharks during shark week but we are saving it for another time.  We decided to walk around the few stores that were open and then headed right for Bay Bay Ale House.

This restaurant is pretty cool. Lots of folks were outside with dogs at the bar. We opted to sit on the porch. Food and service was great. My steak sandwich was fantastic and so was my allagash white beer. For a quick second I felt like I was in Key West. I will be back- probably after another weekday Brigantine order:)

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