Friday, November 22, 2013

Hotel Stay With The Kiddo

We've been in Philly all week and stayed in a suite with my mom and my one year old kiddo.  There was definitely a lot to pack for our stay.  Relax was very helpful in providing some items for the stay.

Here are a few things we brought:

Relax Booster Seat - This worked out good for meals in the room.  It didnt take up much space and was a good chair for the kiddo to sit in while playing every so often.

Relax Stroller - The BOB was once again one of our favorite things for our stay. It was so easy to stroll down the streets and navigate through Center City.  We made sure to bring a lock when visiting restaurants.

Relax Pack and Play - The hotel said they offered cribs but now-a-days a "hotel crib" is really just a pack and play. They made it nice with a sheet and 2 cuddle blankets but we brought our own pack and play since it wasnt too hard to pack.

Relax Bath Tub - The hotel had a tub with their shower but I find tubs a little weird in hotels. Our tub was just fine.  We even brought a few fun bath toys in addition to the soap and shampoo.

Bin of Toys - Both my mom and I brought a bin of fun toys and books for the kiddo to play with.  He especially loved playing with the mega blocks, cars, some quiet musical instruments, stickers and elmo. The bin also has a few of his DVDs for the laptop.

Comfy Blanket For The Floor - This was nice for the kiddo to play on instead of the hotel carpet.

Safety Plugs and Cabinet Latches - The room had a lot of outlets and the kid loves to play with them at home but we came prepared.  We brought lots of duct tape too for those cabinets that arent easy to child proof.

Food options - It was nice to have a kitchen since we didnt plan to go out to eat often.  We planned for lots of snacks, fruit, veges, juice and milk.  The hotel was so nice to include a full breakfast and dinner every day to make meals somewhat easier.

Once upon a time  I was the business traveler only checking in with my laptop bag and small travel bag.   For this trip we needed the luggage cart !

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